Some time has passed during my last post, and I feel badly about that. So I’ve resolved to contribute more regularly. I’m inviting you to kindly keep me on task.

That said, something happened last week that answered so many of my questions, and raised so many others. I had been hunting down a list of sources for Suzuki music in the volumes, and last week I was given an article written by Rebecca Evans originally published in the American Suzuki Journal, Spring 1996. The article lists the original sources for the music for the Suzuki Cello Literature. There are some wonderful revelations that I will expound upon in the coming weeks.
Evans also mentions that much of this work had already been done previously and published in a book, which I immediately then ordered resale (out of print) on Amazon. More to when the book arrives.

In as much as I’m keeping this blog anonymous, my thank-you for the article remains sincere but unspecified. Should I decide to make the blog more personal in the future, I’d love revise this entry with the name of the angel who gave me this invaluable document.