I happened today upon a nice little list on, of all possible places, BarnesNobles.com.  There I found a detailed list of the sources of many of the pieces in the Suzuki volumes.  I’m wondering if  the 1997 edition being sold lists the source information in contrast with the 1991 edition that I purchased in 2008(!).  Unfortunately several of the pieces I’m trying to hunt down are not still not listed or are not listed correctly such as March in G that I had previously written about (where is this piece from!?!) and Minuet 3 (The Petzold Minuet) which I have also called out.

One happy discovery is that “May Time”, a piece that was not at presently on my mind, is revealed to be Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge (translated as Longing for Spring , also referred to as “Come dear May”, a Mozart song catalogued as K. 596 (it is erroneously described on the bn.com site as K.96).   A link to the IMSLP page for that piece is here.  And a comparison to the original reveals the usual Suzuki “idiosyncrasies”.

Another discovery is Suzuki’s “Minuet in C”, which is revealed to be BWV 841, appearing not only in the Notebook for Wilhelm Friedemann but also in the Anna Magdalena 1722 Notebook (Not the 1725 version that I purchased).   According to Wikipedia, the composer of this piece is likely not JS Bach.  And here is a link to the score.